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Join with us as we build a sustainable, local grain economy for the health of our community and our soil.

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The story

Grains used to be very local

  • Wheat and other grains were among the first crops to be grown in this area.
  • Joseph Gale, the first governor of Oregon, built and operated a gristmill on Gales Creek.
  • During the 19th century every state in the US grew wheat for local use and every variety of wheat was adapted to its region.

Industrial standardization arrived

  • Huge monocultures grown in a limited number of places were developed.
  • Industrial-optimized wheat selected for efficiency: For yield and uniformity — not taste!
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TPGG has brought sustainable grain production back to western Washington County

You can support TPGG in supporting farmers, millers, brewers, and distillers who use our grains and flours in their products. Please support us by donating to TPGG or by purchasing our products by contacting Charlene.

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Rebuilding the local food economy

Forest Grove is rebuilding the local food economy, offering the Forest Grove Farmers Market, local CSAs, wineries, and breweries — offering new varieties and old standards of fresh vegetables, meat, eggs beer cider, wine and local products.

Grains: The missing ingredient

On western Washington County farmland, TPGG is changing that — building up  a sustainable, local grain economy for the health of our community and the health of our regional soils.

A regional support system

Our group is dedicated to expanding from “know your farmer” to “know your farmer, miller, baker, and brewer.”

Not just assisting local grain farmers, but developing miller training along with building out a regional support system — just a few of the areas needed to build a thriving and vital foundation for farmers, producers and eaters.

Our goals

  • To establish a local grain culture of growing grain sustainably to be used by local markets, bakers, brewers, distillers, and other consumer access points.
  • Improve soil health.
  • Increase local farmer involvement and consumer interest.
  • Increase appreciation by urban consumers of Tualatin Plains working landscape as the destination to experience delicious taste and flavor adventures.

Individuals and businesses supporting the TPGG project

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