Monica Barrett Scholarship Fund

Donations via check can be sent to Foodways At Nana Cardoon at 2542 NW Willamina Ave. Forest Grove, OR 97116

Students adding mulch to garden.

Students adding mulch to garden.

Join Foodways at Nana Cardoon on the journey to bring hands-on food education to people of all ages and backgrounds in our region. Through honoring and remembering long-time Forest Grove resident Monica Barrett, you help a child, farmer, baker or community member attend a class, workshop or learning session on the farm.

instructor with student in spoon carving class

Kiko Denzer helping a student in the spoon carving class.

Starting with the soil, seeds, planting and growing, right through harvest and food preparation, our youth program provides each student the opportunity to truly know where their food comes from and how it is grown. The highlight of these sessions come as the students gather at the community table and realize how their efforts provide the tasty foods they are enjoying.

Our traditional and artisan foods and crafts classes bring people together to learn skills that will last a lifetime. Our new program initiatives in wheat and masa help mentor farmers, bakers, and food producers in organic growing practices, as well as networking and regional food economics.

Monica’s joy in the beauty of nature and the gathering of friends continues as students from diverse backgrounds find delight in building healthy soil, learning more about food culture, and sharing the community table for a meal and conversation.  Caring for her family brought Monica great happiness, and her career in early childhood education touched the lives of thousands of children, families and teachers.

photo of Monica Bennett

Monica Barrett, 1954 – 2016

“And while she was most certainly a mom, Monica was also a badass play therapist and advocate for early childhood intervention. She worked at Head Start for over 25 years and helped develop the first “birth to 3” program, which helped incarcerated moms stay connected to their children. She touched the lives of thousands of teachers and students over her 40 year career; but if you asked her directly about her biggest achievement she would recollect the individual bonds she formed with the struggling children who needed her most.”

Ella Barrett, from her eulogy for her mother, April 2016

Students making flatbread with wheat they milled.

Students learn to make flatbread with wheat they milled.

Students enjoying lunch.

Students enjoy lunch after a morning of grinding corn, milling wheat, and harvesting the potatoes on their plates.

Contribute to the Monica Barrett Scholarship Fund and help build a culture of understanding and appreciation of good soil, good food and good table. Help build a future full of healthy foods and foodways for our region.

Click here to view a “day on the farm” with a group of 3rd through 5th grade students! Click here to check out some of the many food and artisan classes that teach skills from making your own wooden spoon to making kefir. From seed and soil, to harvest and food preparation, these folks of all ages are hands-on, on the farm!

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Donations via check can be sent to Foodways At Nana Cardoon at 2542 NW Willamina Ave. Forest Grove, OR 97116