2020 Fall Farm Tour

The Tuality Plains Fall Farm Tour is back!
With the theme: Fill Your Pantry!

Save the date!

  • Date: Saturday, November 14, 2020
  • Time: Starts at 9:30 am — ends at 5:00 pm

The Farms

  1. Gales Meadow Farm (9:30 to 11:00)
    – Paprikas
    – Pepper condiments
    – Winter vegetables and dried beans
  2. Sparrow Hawk Farm (11:30 to 1:00)
    – Greenhouse-grown lettuces and spinach
    – Mushrooms
    – Winter vegetables
  3. Nana Cardoon Farm (1:30 to 3:00)
    – Grains and flours
    – Baked goods
    – Squash
  4. Willamina Farmstead (3:30 to 5:00)
    – Red fife wheatgrass starts


  • $20.00 per car


  • Food Truck at Sparrow Hawk Farm
  • (You get a $10.00 food truck discount coupon with your passport purchase!)

Reserve Your Spot!

  • Click the green text below to purchase your passport now and reserve your spot:

Farm addresses

  1. Gales Meadow Farm: 8740 NW Gales Creek RD – Gales Creek, OR 97117
  2. Sparrow Hawk Farm: 32720 NW Hornecker Rd – Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
  3. Nana Cardoon Farm: 2542 Willamina Ave. – Forest Grove, OR 97116
  4. Willamina Farmstead: 2762 Willamina Ave. – Forest Grove, OR 97116


  • Email Charlene at charlene.nanacardoon@gmail.com.


Event Brings Regional Grains and Good Times to All!

People of all ages, interests, and backgrounds found their way to the Celebrate Grains festivities last September at Spiesschaert Farms.

grinding wheat with bike1
flour in bag
horses and wagon

In addition to highlighting the fresh grown and milled barley, rye and wheat, there were baked goods, distilled products, tastings, music, soil education, and plenty of children’s activities.


Soil education and seed savings tips were well received.


Kids found many interesting textures, and lots to see and do!


Volunteers helped Charlene with the youth activities and community members gave out advice.


Oh, lets look at the baked goods, and taste them, too.

distillery booth-1

Booths highlighted local and regional foods and spirits.

youth visitors-1

Volunteers and visitors enjoyed looking, tasting and visiting on the farm.


The Lemon Love booth was popular. So was painting and wagon tours.

horses and wagon

Everyone got to meet the horses and drivers.


Charlene and Richard received a photo highlighting the year of growing grains from Lyle, and music rocked the barn!

Plan to spend the day at the farm during the Celebrate Great Grains event in September 2019!



Growing Grains

Do you know where your grains come from? Come along on the journey of our 2018 wheat and rye crops. Meet the farmer, see the soil, plant the seed, tend the crop, harvest the grain . . . and that’s just the beginning of the regional grain economy we’re growing!

Grain flowering in field.
Grain sprounting in field
Farmer Lyle checking the growing grains.

Fall 2017. Farmer Lyle Spiesschaert planted 26 acres of Red Fife Wheat, Dark Northern Rye and Purple Karma Barley on his farm, Spiesschaert Farms in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Grain harvest - grain pouring into truck.
Combine in field.
Charlene and Lyle on combine.

August 2018. Harvest time on the farm. Charlene gets in on the action as farmer Lyle starts the grain harvest with his combine.

combine -1
combine 3-1
combine 2-1
combine 4-1

Here’s a close up look at the amazing harvest machinery.

Sorting the grain with the Chipper.
Bagging the grains.
Grain from the Chipper.
Sewing the grain sacks up.

Flashback to our first harvest in Fall 2017. In our first year three acres of grains were grown. Here we share our cleaning, sorting and bagging during that first small harvest!  The Clipper Seed Cleaner, approximately 100 years old, is put into use by it owner Malvin Van Domelen.  Then the grains were sorted and bagged.  Much has changed with the increase to 26 acres! We are in an exciting transition with this part of the process and have new production methods this year to bring the larger amount of grains to market.

Shelf of packaged grains.
Small package of grains.
Grain in bag.

Fall and Winter 2018. Packaged grains ready for the bakers, brewers, and home cooks of our region!

Outlook for 2019: We’ve planted the seeds for the grain harvest in 2019. With the increase in production and milling capacity, we’ll be ready for an expanded base of regional grain customers.

For information about the grains and the grain project, or to purchase grains, contact Charlene at charlene@foodwaysatnanacardoon.org or call her at 206-794-1900.