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Celebrate Great Grains

Tuality Plains Great Grains brings the grain markets home for local bakers, brewers and distillers. We’re part of a growing movement throughout the U.S. to establish regional grain cultures for the health and benefit of urban and rural communities.

Horses and wagon with people


Live Music: Serendipity Band

Horse/Mule Wagons

Food & Concessions

Explore Riparian Areas


Hear what’s brewing with local grains, outdoor education programs, heritage conservation, new cereal crops, and more!

Honor Traditions – Farm to Table Direct – Fresh & Wholesome – 100% Locally Grown – Transparently Sourced – Sustainable Agriculture

Visit the Talk Tent to learn from local grain experts!

Brought to you by Lyle Spiesschaert Farms

Commentator: Howard Sullivan

Introductions by Nana Cardoon 

Media:  Scott Wray Media

What’s Brewing with Local Grains:

-Barley World, OSU
-Big Wild Spirits
-Tiller Malt
-Old Wilson Ferments

Out Door Education:

-Eden Acres
-Pacific University
-Forest Grove School District

Update on New Cereal Crops:

-Oats; Nana Cardoon
-Green Corn for Nixtemal:
-Adelante Mujeres & OSU Dry Farm Project & Three Sisters Nixtemal
-Sorghum: Sparrowhawk Farms

Heritage & Conservation

-Tualatin Valley Soil & Water Conservation District
-Eat/Drink Washington County
-Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our programming has been significantly altered. We are working on scheduling alternative format events to keep our community safe. Please check back for further updates. Go to the Contact page if you have any questions you’d like to ask Charlene.


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